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This is a tribute to the 8-bit revolution. With the development of 8-bit microprocessors, such as the Intel-8080 or the Z80 we feel that, besides a technological achievement, a cultural disruption was introduced in the timeline of history. It was the beginning of a certain relation between humans and computers that is still ongoing, and that, in certain sectors (gaming, design,etc.), it is ongoing in the same way in which it heroically started.

For each piece, eight different sentences are generated, each one composed of eight words placed on an eight by eight matrix. They are animated in a way to reflect the style of the period. The syntax is derived from a dataset on ancient epic poetry, hence the archaic flavor. The semantics (the choice of words with a certain meaning) is driven by an AI algorithm that mixes vectorized semantic representations of words from the two universes. More precisely, predication is mostly from epic poetry, things we talk about are entirely taken from the 8-bit world.

Given the current algorithm the probability of generating a duplicate sentence is 0.5 %, the probability of a duplicate sentence with the same visual effects is 0.009% and the probability of 8 identical sentences (not necessarily in the same order) with the same visual effects (identical piece) one over 42 quintillion.

Press SPACE BAR to pause the animation
Press "a" to see all sentence and "m" to start the animation after "a"

generative poetry
artificial intelligence