3 Body Problem


3 Body Problem

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"3 Body Problem" is a dynamic generative art piece that explores the complex and mesmerizing dance of celestial mechanics through digital simulation. Inspired by the astrophysical problem of predicting the motions of three celestial bodies interacting through gravitational forces, this artwork extends the challenge into a visually captivating experience.

The viewer is invited to adjust the parameters to influence the number of orbiting bodies, their sizes, trails, and the speed at which they navigate the void of a customizable space. Each parameter choice significantly alters the visual composition, allowing endless variations of orbital paths that evoke the unpredictable nature of cosmic interactions.

As bodies glide across the digital canvas, trails linger to mark the paths traveled, slowly fading like the memory of a shooting star. A black hole lies at the center, its event horizon and radiant glow dictating the gravitational ballet. Optional background settings let viewers choose between a serene gradient and a lively starfield, each enhancing the depth and feel of the space portrayed.

"3 Body Problem" is not only a tribute to the complexities of cosmic motion but also a meditation on the beauty of mathematical chaos and the art that emerges from it. It invites audiences to find their own meaning in the orbits that intertwine and evolve before their eyes, reflecting the ever-changing yet cyclic nature of the cosmos.

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generative art
celestial mechanics
interactive art
digital simulation
celestial bodies
cosmic art
parametric design
Tezos blockchain
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