aoon - alphabetical order of numbers

aoon - alphabetical order of numbers

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Generative version of “...the alphabetical order of numbers (from zero to one hundred)”
five, four, one, three, two / 54132 - By enforcing a rule that disrupts the established order, such as sorting numbers by the alphabetical order of their names, an organized disorder is created. This challenges our traditional understanding of order and chaos, revealing that disorder itself can follow an alternative logic. This reorganization offers readers an opportunity to reflect on the relationship between numbers and words, as well as on how this relationship can vary from one language to another.

In this special edition of 101 NFTs titled …the alphabetical order of numbers (from zero to one hundred), each NFT represents a unique iteration. Each iteration, from the first to the hundred-and-first, will display the corresponding number written in English, sorted alphabetically. Thus, the first iteration will present the word 'eight', the second 'eighteen', and so on, up to the hundred-and-first iteration 'zero'.

Once all 101 NFTs are minted, the collection page will reveal the complete sequence, thus offering an overview of this alphabetical sorting of numbers. This realization will not only be the fruit of our conception but also a collective work, shaped by the purchasers of each NFT, who together will have contributed to the assembly of this linguistic mosaic.

shortcuts :

[h] - help
[i] - numerical index
[p] - print your NFT & Edition
[g] - show / hide graph
[space] - start / stop anim

mouse click / touch screen :

[canvas right] - next page
[canvas left] - previous page
[canvas top] - show / hide graph
[canvas center ] - start / stop anim
[canvas bottom] - numerical index

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generative art


Artist disabled the exploration of variation during the minting phase



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