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This project can be redeemed see more

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(un)//void//able was my attempt to produce finite calligraphy characters in the imagination of the machine, that I called these output computational script for my inspiration, and computational script is the 6th script of calligraphy. The original artwork was both printed and woven as fabric in collab with Gioia Pan headlining the wonderful possibility of applying generative art in fashion at Taipei Fashion Week 2024 SS.

Elements of the (un)//void//able were deconstructed by RJean and Panpan fitted to the runway animation. And the generative animation was remixed by Elout. In this project, I compose generative music.

Elout: on this remix =___=
I took over, the moment Jimi started drawing pixels on the screen, and went from there.
It became a kind of hybrid, using p5.js and vanilla.js & tone.js and also using some of the
3D matrix functions by Simon Yeung. more information in the source.
I really wanted to use my own 2D and 3D routines, make them seamless, and using my own bitmap
so I could control every pixel and rgb that was drawn on the screen.


c: change cursor
s: save image
z: mouse look-zoom-move
right-click the browser tab, to turn the sound off or on. mute/unmute the site

spacebar: animation bitmap scroller
note: when you start the animation-bitmapscroller, deterministic will 'break', and changes random
Warning :the musician improvises within the structure of a deterministic composition.
Please see redeemable for purchase options, and the accompanying fx(text) for more behind the works.

Price10 TEZMinting opens Generative Fashion //void//able//void// (4)Royalties15.0%(4)Tags
gen fashion





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