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This project can be redeemed see more

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OMNIA is a generative audio-visual experience, a collaboration between a musician and two generative artists.

The visuals build on simulated natural phenomena, exploring how sound-waves travel through fluids and surfaces. OMNIA has been heavily inspired by Chladni plates, stemming back to 1782 when Ernst Chladni was studying the behaviour of vibrating surfaces. He discovered that certain patterns would form when the surface was vibrated at differing frequencies. We used a closed-form solution to calculate Chladni patterns and govern a custom shader, where particles move according to the sound waves.

As for the music, there are 5 different “instruments” that make up OMNIA. There’s the Boom (drums), Hum (bass), Buzz (guitar), Drip (keys) and Swoosh (sfx). Each of these instruments has 5 different variations, effectively creating 5*5*5*5*5 different unique OMNIA songs. (that’s 3125 different possibilities!)

To combine these two parts we analyze the playing music on the fly, searching for spikes in the frequencies. Every time a spike hits we update the vibration of the plates, patterns form and flow following the sound.

This piece is part of the HODLERS Order and Chaos Exhibition.

For this piece to run smoothly we recommend using a Chromium based browser, firefox will not work.


## Controls:

- Press the “Record Videoclip” button before you start the music to save the entire video once finished.
- Click / Tap to start the music once loaded.
- Press S to export the current frame as a png.
- Press Top Arrow to change the vibration parameters.

## Redeemables

There’s a redeemable linked to OMNIA. You can click on the redeemable link on this page to go there and see how it works. In short: you can claim a print from your OMNIA token, printed using high quality paper / inks, which ships all around the world.

Visuals by WootScoot and Alejandro Campos.
Music written by SGAR and produced by SGAR / daMp iNteractive.

SGAR: https://twitter.com/GreggSgarlata


Libraries used:
- RecordRTC (video recording)
- P5 (visuals)
- Mixbox (color blending)

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