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Eternal Connection


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All generative art on fx(hash) comes about through a unique collaboration between artist and minter. Each artwork has a deterministic component provided by the artist, the generative algorithm, and a random component provided by the minter, the transaction hash. The minter creates the random component, the hash, through the act of minting a token and leaving a transaction record on the blockchain. In this way, the minter is permanently linked to the specific iteration that they personally created.

To celebrate this collaborative effort between artist and minter, this collection dedicates all royalties from secondary sales to the respective minting wallets. Primary proceeds, on the other hand, will be sent to a smart contract wallet collecting funds in support of humanitarian aid in Ukraine. For details, see: https://twitter.com/fx_hash_/status/1497113575466360837.

The core generative algorithm employed is t-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding (t-SNE), implemented in AssemblyScript and compiled to WebAssembly (WASM) for maximum performance. The WASM code is embedded into a JavaScript program that generates an input dataset, runs it through the t-SNE algorithm, and then visualizes the output with colored dots. The final artwork is a static SVG file that can be downloaded and displayed at any resolution. All color palettes are computationally generated and have random components. No external libraries have been used.

Code and outputs are Copyright (C) 2022 Claus O. Wilke and are licensed to the general public under CC BY-NC 4.0. In addition, token holders are granted a non-exclusive, irrevocable, non-transferrable license to reproduce the output corresponding to their token, in any medium, for any purpose, inluding for commercial gain, for as long as they hold the token.

Tokens will be made available for minting on Monday, June 6, at 4:30pm UTC. Holders of Sneronoi, Incomplete Convergence, or Voxelsne will receive one reserved slot per collection they hold. Snapshots for the reserve list will be taken no earlier than Sunday, June 5, 5pm UTC. Any unused reserves will be released on June 13.

Press 's' to save as svg.

Press 'p' to save as png.

Claus O. Wilke

PriceDutch auction TEZ 40->20->10->6->4->2changes every 10 minutesAuction starts(1)Royalties10.0%(1)Tags
gradient descent


Artist disabled the exploration of variations after minting phase



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