Hus by Ada Ada Ada


OFFICE IMPART has just launched Node. Exploring the Boundaries of Digital Art. Node is a platform for the presentation and mediation of digital art.

The first work that is presented at Node is Hus by Ada Ada Ada. Hus is a temporal generative art data visualization about care work and gender. Each variation of the work provides a unique perspective of the gender gap in care work within Danish society. Utilizing time and movement as a visualizer technique, the underlying data set is meant to be understood by the spectator through prolonged exposure to the work.

The Drop will be on Friday, May 26, at 6 pm and before there will be a live online Pre-Drop Party at the Node Event Platform. Ada Ada Ada will be there and will talk about her work.

Ada Ada Ada Hus Drop 26.05.2023, 5:30 - 6 pm

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