O B S C V R V M - Algorithms and Code

In this article, we'll try to give an approachable overview of the algorithms and code behind O B S C V R V M collection published on December 6th of 2022 on fxhash. We decided to leave our code open (unminified and unobfuscated), available on public repositories (GitHub), and well documented through writing and talks so it can serve as inspiration to others. This article is an attempt to fulfil this promise. The code itself is commented throughout, and hopefully this narrative walkthrough will give an interested learner enough guidance to independently use and implement the concepts presented here. The article will not go through every single line in the code, rather it will focus on the most important and unique aspects that make O B S C V R V M what it is. Code in this article is edited for clarity and slightly deviates from the one found in the deployed token, although the exact functionality is retained.

O B S C V R V M #234