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Ursavus elmensis


Ursavus elmensis

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Ursavus elmensis, also known as the “Dawn Bear" is generally thought of as the earliest bear species.
Bears are fascinating species. They appear gentle, yet possess immense, furry strength.
There are eight types of bears in the world hiding in this work.You can find bears in these pictures, and their occurrence probability reflects real-life possibilities. If you're lucky, you might encounter a polar bear, a sun bear, or a giant panda :)

This work is made by Flow Field, Pixels and generative layered PNGs.Technique and style inspired by Jason Labbe.(http://jasonlabbe3d.com/)


Bear are found across the Northern Hemisphere and are known for their robust build and plantigrade posture. There are eight types of bears:

1. Polar Bear :Native to the Arctic region, polar bears are well-adapted to cold environments and primarily feed on seals.
2. Asian Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus):Native to the Asian region.They have a coat of black or deep brown fur, sometimes featuring white V-shaped chest markings.
3. American Black Bear (Ursus americanus):Found in North America, black bears come in various colors and are omnivores with a diverse diet.
4. Brown Bear (Ursus arctos):Found in Europe,Asia and northwestern North America.Coat color vary from bear to bear, ranging from white and brown to black.
5. Sloth Bear (Melursus ursinus):Native to the Indian subcontinent, sloth bears have long claws and a shaggy coat, primarily feeding on insects.Coat color is black, brown, or rarely reddish-brown. The fur is longer compared to other bear species, and the lips have high flexibility, specializing in sucking up termites. During this process, the nose can also be closed, earning it the nickname "lip bear." There is usually a distinctive white V or U-shaped marking on the chest.
6. Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus):This smallest bear species are native to Southeast Asia.There are distinct white or yellowish-white markings on the chest, but there is considerable variation in shape among individuals. These markings often take the form of a U or a circle which resemble the sun.
7. Giant Panda(Ailuropoda melanoleuca):Native to China, giant pandas are known for their bamboo diet and distinctive black-and-white fur.
8. Andean Bear(Tremarctos ornatus):Also called the spectacled bear, it is the only bear species native to South America, found in the Andes.The fur is black or dark brown, sometimes with creamy white fur near the chin, neck, or chest, and distinctive white markings around the muzzle and eyes, resembling glasses.

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