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Epileptic trigger

The Visible Manifestation of Invisible Forces

“Fantasies of the past determined by needs of the present have a direct impact on realities of the future.” –– Svetlana Boym

This series continues my explorations into generative abstract expressionism, building on the techniques and approaches of my previous works “THE400FLIPS” and “a fortiori.” This time viewers can interact with the piece by adding more particles onto the canvas, effectively altering the behaviour set by the transaction hash —a collaboration between the artist, chance, and the collector. 

Art is fantastic and induces fantasies: This is one of those cases where the art is more than the thumbnail. I encourage you to run the code and interact with the canvas. As you alter the outputs, you will experience them as fleeting moments. Seen and gone, unless you are fast enough to catch them as we do with photographs: use the spacebar to pause the animation, then save a png image file by pressing “s”.

Consider each reload and interaction a new simulation of life.

This work is, at its core, an implementation of Craig Reynolds’s Boids program to simulate the flocking behaviour of birds. As such, the flocking parts used in this work are released under the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

[s] Save as PNG.
[spacebar] or [x][z] Pause/Play.
[Click and drag] Add more particles to the canvas.

I curated a Spotify soundtrack to accompany the work. Enjoy:


Created with p5.js and GLSL – optimised for Chrome – designed to be experienced on a desktop computer.

The preview capture module uses GPU instances. It may take time for thumbnails to appear. 

It contains flashing lights and colours that may affect people with visual sensitivities.

Copyright (©) 2023 Thomas Noya


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