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This project can be redeemed see more

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tl;dr: record a voice note, generate a scarf, redeem your scarf, and be cozy.


Fashion is a way of expressing yourself, whether consciously or unconsciously. When deciding what to wear, signals of identity, culture, place, time, values, memories, and so much more always trickle through. Spellbound embeds these personal signals in a scarf to keep you or a loved one warm.

Using the fxhash params feature, you can record a voice note that will generate a unique scarf design. Record a message for a friend, your favorite song, or a quote you want to live by; get creative. After minting your token, you can redeem your scarf.

Spellbound is the first fxhash project combining personalized on-demand fashion and generative art, pushing towards a more unique and sustainable future of fashion. Spellbound creates singular designs within a broader collection, resulting in cohesive aesthetics that allow individual expression while belonging to a tribe.

The scarf is 190x30cm / 75x12inch and made of sustainable Merino wool in dark and lighter grey. Production and shipping costs are included in the token price. Minting of Spellbound tokens closes on the 1st of March, and redemption of your scarf is open until the 14th of March. Scarfs can only be redeemed once.
Minting Instructions

There are only two parameters to control here: a voice note and picking your scarf's design.

Recording your voice note is done at the top of the token; these buttons will disappear after minting. The maximum length of your recording is 15 seconds, but you can stop recording beforehand. Once recorded, a scarf design will be generated. Some aspects of the design are relinquished to the gods of randomness. Therefore, you can pick from 5 different designs using the 'scarf design' parameter.

You can't change the last four parameters; this is where the data of your voice note goes. If you randomize your parameters, random noise is the input. It is not recommended. Your wallet address is the seed for the random number generator; the design you see on the screen is what you get.

Press ‘b’ to see the back of your scarf.

Have fun!

Open editionsUntil Price175 TEZMinting opens Spellbound - Woven ScarfTicket Grace Period10 days(2)Royalties10.0%(2)Tags





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