Somewhere in Between

Somewhere in Between

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Published on June 16, 2023 at 15:01

"Somewhere in Between" is part of the interactive minting experience at Proof of X with KUMALEON, Tokyo, 2023 - Blockchain as a new Medium for Art held at The Face in Daikanyama.

Somewhere in Between is a token that plays with geometry and color - reusing a previous algorithmic strategy for creating irregular grids, the main topic this time was splitting up rectangular regions in various manners. Each rectangle has a number of sockets distributed evenly along it's edges, these sockets can then be connected at random, without intersecting each other. Based on these connections we can then identify different polygonal regions with a contour walking approach. The rectangles are then split into these polygonal regions. That is the essence of this generative piece.

The Parameters:
1. This token is tied to the minter address - WYSIWYG - randomness is therefore derived off of that address. This first slider adds an offset to the initial seed, to allow you to explore a couple of variations.
2. The overall color scheme applied to the rectangular regions.
3. The background color - each scheme has a different set of background colors.
4. The overall scale of the grid - a larger grid will be more cluttered and hold more rectangles, a smaller one will be more spacious.
5. The overall slant of the hachure lines - there's three different modes: random, vertical and slanted.

Other Instructions:
Add '&rez=[an integer]' to the url to obtain a higher resolution. 3-4 work best, higher pixel densities will take longer to compute. Press S to download a PNG copy of the artwork.
Minting Instructions
1. WYSIWYG - an offset to the random seed
2. The overall color scheme
3. The background colour
4. The overall scale of the grid
5. The slant of the hachure lines.

Price18Minting opensJune 17, 2023 at 00:00Ticket Grace Period7 days(4)Royalties10.0%(4)Tags
Proof of X
live minting
Blockchain as a New Medium for Art
Gorilla Sun