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simple things

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Published on April 16, 2022 at 16:59

There’s beauty in simple things. Sunlight. A reflection on a puddle. The flight of a bird. Observing the clouds. Spending time with loved ones.

To celebrate the re-opening of fxhash, I'd like to contribute with some simple thing to enjoy among friends who rejoin after some time.

Simple things is a piece that is just that: simple things. Nothing fancy here. Simple circles doing simple movement, with simple colours. Maybe the viewer will rejoice in observing them transit on the screen.

It has some controls: you can press “s” to save a png file. You can set a higher resolution pressing “d” followed by 1-9 to increase pixel density (if you get a black image, press “d 0” and start again with a lower number). Simple controls.

It has also colour controls: press z for brightness, x for contrast, g for gamma, b for blur, n for noise followed by + or - to alter their values. You might get some simple variations that you might enjoy. Press a to enable/disable all colour controls (except the noise).

The pieces exhibit simple variations: palettes, circle sizes, density of elements, backgrounds. The colours might be inverted sometimes. The direction of the movement changes also in some pieces. Some are grayscale pieces.

Just like in life, enjoying simple things is sometimes enough to leave behind the noise and our worries. Also like in life, if one wants something extra, they may get it by looking for it...

Artwork by Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez, @msoriaro.
Made in p5.js, and glsl for the image controls.

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