Landlines Art

Sedimentary Dissolution

Landlines Art

Sedimentary Dissolution

512/512 minted

Project #7712
Published on January 22, 2022 at 07:22

This piece is inspired by the geological processes related to sedimentary dissolution. Dissolution is a form of weathering which contributes to the creation of new rocks. In this piece, various algorithms take on the role of dissolution, producing visual recombinations of the original "sedimentary rock".

Instructions ::

p : save a hi-res image
e : toggle erosion on and off
s : toggle structure on and off
a : toggle all effects on and off

If offset, rgb dissolution or cross-bedding is true you can toggle it on and off.
If these features are false pressing the key will have no effect.

o : toggle offset on and off
r : toggle rgb dissolution on and off
c : toggle cross-bedding on and off

There are 20 versions you can explore, all using the same features.
Use the left and right arrow to change the random seed.
Pressing space will re-instantiate the original random seed.

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Sedimentary Dissolution preview