David Gail Smith

Rules to Live By

David Gail Smith

Rules to Live By

2.5 TEZ

7/7 minted

Project #8493

Published on

Watch as this 3d cellular automata algorithm populates a matrix with voxels. Each voxel's next change is determined by checking its neighbors and following a rule about their state, until that rule's potential to change the matrix is expended. If a specific density of voxels is not achieved, we advance to the next rule. The sequence progresses until the desired voxel density threshold is met (usually within 15 seconds or so), and the final structure is there to admire, shimmering as each voxel rotates (as well as the entire matrix). This algorithm's motto is, "Never give up until you get it right."........a good rule to live by.
Press 's' to save a 4096x4096 png file of your rendering.

Price2.5 TEZ(1)Royalties10.0%(1)Tags/




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