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Comfort. Annoyance. Pity. Surprise. Boredom. Elation. Our emotions are reactions to events that echo the past.

Much of life is spent comparing present experiences with memories, and honing our ability to recognize the patterns and choices that shape us. We use this awareness and feedback to navigate our world with efficiency, simplicity, and the many resulting habits – both positive and negative. These cycles can result in mounting achievements or familiar pitfalls, but whatever they manifest, they are ceaseless and everywhere. From the repetitive cycles of birth and death, to the familiar behaviors and encounters of daily life, we are reminded that the past informs our current actions – and perpetuates a related future in what's known as "the eternal return."

"Rückkopplung" translates from German as "feedback," and refers to the process wherein a system's output affects its input – creating a loop of influence that guides self-regulation and adaptation. When applied to the realm of human behavior, this feedback mechanism both reinforces the occurrence of patterns, and empowers us to evolve what is returned from the past. In creative systems, these loops of learning steer the subsequent step towards either harmony or chaos, minute recurring patterns or sweeping impressive strokes. The hues may converge into somber depths of melancholy, or interpose and layer with vibrant optimism. While we cannot predict what any piece of Rückkopplung will look like, its identity becomes unmistakably recognizable upon viewing.

In observing how these recurring loops generate an extensive array of outcomes, yet remain undeniably familiar, we find ourselves unshackled to appreciate the diversity and unity of life, and profoundly immersed in the Art of each present moment.


TENDER x pxlshrd
August 2023

Rückkopplung is a generative art series created by pxlshrd in collaboration with Adam Berninger of Tender.


Key commands:
1 = 6K with texture & margin
2 = 6K w/o texture & margin
8 = 12K with texture & margin (Safari on Mac only)
9 = 12K w/o texture & margin (Safari on Mac only)
0 = Default aspect ratio/resolution

f = Adaptive mode (fullscreen)
h = Adaptive mode high resolution w/o texture & margin
w = Phone wallpaper

j = jpeg current resolution
p = png current resolution

Mobile: Tap and hold the image for 2 seconds to save a jpg.


For the 12K export, proper rendering is only ensured when using Safari on Mac. In case the site crashes, close all other applications and retry. If you’re not able to render in 12K on your device, please get in touch (@pxlshrd on Social Media and Discord).

Please note:
- The Adaptive mode has a slightly altered appearance compared to the default aspect ratio.

- The code was tested on Mac Apple Silicon/Windows/iOS/iPadOS with consistent and pixel-perfect results throughout.

- The live view on Android devices slightly deviates from those on the systems mentioned above.


Created with p5.js and GLSL shaders.

Price18 TEZMinting opens(2)Royalties15.0%(2)Tags


Artist disabled the exploration of variations after minting phase



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