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This series explores the remnants and imprints of past events; the unintended consequences and marks left behind: The floor of a painter's studio, layered with splatters and spills; the face of a rock, sculpted by the relentless touch of water and ice; the rusty hood of a forsaken car, weathered and chipped under the harsh sun.

The art piece is crafted by an algorithm simulating the effects of abrasion from a consistent yet dynamic process. It links a thousand pairs of points, harmoniously shifting across the canvas, with delicate lines. At each intersection of these lines, color is applied. To produce the final piece, multiple layers of varying colors and intensities are superimposed.



- [x] Save a PNG

- [1] Set height to 768
- [2] Set height to 1152
- [3] Set height to 1536 (default)
- [4] Set height to 2304
- [5] Set height to 3072*
- [6] Set height to 6144*
- [7] Set height to 9216*
- [8] Set height to 11520*

URL parameters:

- &height={HEIGHT} explicitly sets the render height

* images with height over 3000 pixels render without animating, downloads a PNG automatically after rendering

Please note that high resolution outputs will take several minutes or even longer to render. Highest resolutions have only been successfully tested with Safari on a Mac. If you would like to have assistance in creating high resolution outputs, please contact the author.


License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Utilizes fxHash template by Karsten Schmidt
MIT License

Utilizes components from thi.ng umbrella by Karsten Schmidt
Apache Software License 2.0

The software package includes a font 'Source Serif', which is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1

The software uses regl, a functional WebGL library
MIT License

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Artist disabled the exploration of variations after minting phase