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polyzygy is part of the fxhash interactive minting experience at NFT Show Europe, Valencia, 2022

polyhedra - many faces
syzygy - the nearly straight-line configuration of three celestial bodies

polyzygy is a time-based generative artwork about periodicity: cycles, phases, periods. It is based on simple manifold polyhedral forms and their degeneration into more complex and non-manifold forms, and back, periodically.

Geometrically, the manifold - non-manifold transition and cycle represents the state when the polyzygy has the potential to exist physically (manifold) to where the form no longer has a physical potential and can only be experienced digitally (non-manifold). Through this cycle, the project attempts to provide evidence that there is a continuum between what is represented as real or virtual, analog or digital; a reality continuum where our experience can exist in the domain bounded by smooth to discretized moments.

This cycle varies with each iteration, from 7 hours to 27 days. This is a project that evolves over time, and asks the viewer to do the same.

polyzygy was developed from January to September 2022.

- information -

This project uses an algorithm developed in C# for my other artworks. This is the first time it is ported to JavaScript and used in an interactive, time-based artwork. The algorithm is inspired by previous research into the far from origin phenomenon manifested by discrete digital numeric systems used in computers.

The work has a generation date hard coded and each iteration has a specific period which determines where it will be along its cycle. There is a timeline which shows where in the cycle the polyzygy is at the time of viewing, and the peaks of each cycle.

When the project first loads, it is still for 15 seconds to allow for the fxhash preview image generation, then will begin rotating if the animation is enabled (it is enabled by default).

This project has been tested on various browsers, operating systems, and devices. Please test the project on your own devices before minting to ensure compatibility.

- interaction -

Double click or double tap the canvas to show a menu with information about the time left in the polyzygy cycle. Open the console for more information about the specific iteration.

Audio is EXPERIMENTAL and disabled by default. Interact with polyzygy to trigger audio. See the URL Params section on how to enable audio. Audio is generated by interacting with the polyzygy and is based on the base polyhedra of the iteration.
Warning: Audio quality varies with different CPUs. You may experience pops and clicks on certain devices. Most of the audio is disabled on mobile devices. Lower your audio before enabling and adjust to comfortable levels.

- menu -

· >|■ toggle polyzygy animation
· png download image of the current polyzygy state
· glb download 3d model of the current polyzygy state

· next cycle shows the date and time remaining for the next cycle to begin

- explore -

URL Params: explore the project by using these parameters in the url when in full screen mode

· period [ int ] - seconds for a cycle. example: /?period=100
· rotate [ bool ] ( true, false) - toggle animation. example: /?play=false
· debug [ bool ] ( true, false) - show fps stats. example: /?debug=true
· audio [ bool ] ( true, false) - enable the EXPERIMENTAL audio

example: <fxhash url>/?fxhash=<some hash>&period=60&play=false&debug=true
this sets a period of 60 seconds, does not rotate the polyzygy, and turns on debug information of fps and poly face points.

- licenses and references -

Created with the help of several open source libraries: three.js, three-subdivide, tone.js, chroma.js, html2canvas, file-saver.

Read LICENSE.md (add /LICENSE.md to the URL) for all licenses + refs

polyzygy by Luis E. Fraguada, 2022
All rights reserved.

- acknowledgements -

Thank you to everyone who helped me with this project over the months. You've shaped this work for the better. You know who you are.

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