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Post-Apocalyptic Radioactive Clouds - PARClouds

The artwork started with me challenging Chris Scussel to do lava lamp blobs, which he did. Then I tried to make them flow using the Line Composition algorithm from a previous work, Chris had to help me with that, which he did. Then I asked Chris to somehow give the blobs some volume, which he did using concentric blobs which I used to do a simple gradient color scheme. I added the star field and the moon in the background for some cosmic depth.

The result is a surrealistic dreamscape. The blobs evolved into psychedelic clouds that might be explained because they reflect a glowing earth in the aftermath of an apocalypse. Perhaps the nuclear war we are head to if politics goes awry.

Credit to NASA for the moon photo.

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Algorithmic Art
Dr. Bill Kolomyjec
Christopher Scussel