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Paper Artifact

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Published on July 26, 2022 at 10:31

Paper Artifact – A monochrome abstract Bouquet printed on paper – A study about geometry, light and transparency, an experiment about energy and beauty emerging from simple shapes, compositions and randomness, seen through the roughness of an old printer.

// Paper Camera – This project is paired with a physical device, the “Paper Camera”. An experiment mixing a physical device and generative art. Beyond the classic Fx(Hash) collection, an opportunity to generate new outputs using your portrait as a seed and to get the result printed on thermal paper.

//Learn more about the project:

Two ways to generate outputs:

// The classic way:
- By minting an edition on FxHash! :)

// The paper way (using the physical device):
- Stand in front of the Paper Camera and press the button
- The device captures your portrait
- Your portrait is used as a seed to generate an output
- The device prints your photo + generated art + QR Code
- Scan the QR code to watch your output live on a screen

Note: The outputs generated by the Paper Camera are not NFTs and are not part of the collection available on Fx(Hash). This new way of generating outputs is a playful approach to let people experience the joy of minting generative art in a physical setup (during exhibitions or events) and to play with the project with a new perspective.

// S - Save as high resolution png
// C - Unlock camera (use your mouse, rotate/zoom to find new views!)
// On mobile – Double tap to unlock the camera

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