Brendan Dawes

Nothing Remains

Brendan Dawes

Nothing Remains

100 TEZ

128/128 minted

Project #17897

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The only time I ever received corporal punishment – something that was still legal in schools during the 1970s – was in Double Maths with Mrs Robinson. The log book spread out before me seemed less appealing than talking with my friends at the back of the classroom, and so it was I found myself, palm outstretched, feeling the whack of Mrs. Robinson's ruler, ten times over. "Math sucks." Or so I thought.

Back then I knew nothing of the beauty that I would later see in Mathematics – something which became apparent as I taught myself to code, especially using Processing.

This work – based on code I've been playing around with since 2009 – is my small homage to that beauty. Originally based on Ulam spirals, I've then played around with that starting formula to create an infinite numbers of patterns using square roots, cosines and modulus. If only they had shown me these possibilities when I was younger I may have avoided the dreaded ruler of Mrs. Robinson.

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Artist disabled the exploration of variations after minting phase



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