Noisy Gardens


Noisy Gardens

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Published on September 7, 2022 at 10:39

I had a wonderful childhood. I grew up near a big lake, in a house with a huge garden. You could get lost for the whole day, building houses on trees, collecting flowers and stones or stealing food from the vegetable garden. Having a brother of the same age made things even better, endless adventures with somebody saving you every time you are too dumb to realize you are walking into troubles.

We enjoyed the summers with the hot days, the fireflies and the nights full of falling stars. The winters with the snow, the stalactites and our box turtle disappearing for months to then reappear in the spring (Until she did not).

At the same time, taking care of the garden was a big responsibility, affecting our family life in many ways. Numerous times, I felt like the efforts we were putting in to keep it in order were never enough and nature was always faster in restoring her point of view. A struggle that affects us humans since we started to bend nature at our will, thousands of years ago.

In my gardens, I tried to capture this struggle, this constant fight to shape nature at our will.
However, I also tried to represent the beauty that can be found in both savage and human shaped nature, if shaped with love and respect.

I dedicate this project to my grandfather, who gave us a garden.
I am sure he would have loved it.


Hand coded with love and obsession. 💚

Powered by p5, p5.createLoop and chroma.

======> COMMANDS (In Live Mode) <======

Press ‘s’ to save the current output.
Press ‘m’ to open a menu with the available outputs.

The generation of a hi-res image, up to 8000x8000, takes a few seconds.
The generation of an Animated GIF takes several minutes and the save command works only once the GIF is complete.

Settings are passed as URL parameters that can be used to load different configurations.

- mode = 0 | 1
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- fps = 10 | 15 | 20 | 25 | 30
Frames per second of animated GIFs

=============> PROFILES <==============

Weeds ------------------> 42%
Shapes -----------------> 7%
Flower Power -----------> 5%
Strips -----------------> 5%
Badlands ---------------> 5%
Circle Flower Packing --> 5%
Ina's Farm -------------> 5%
Fortified Pond ---------> 3%
Falling Into You -------> 3%
Cultivar ---------------> 2%
The Hedge --------------> 2%
Rocky Mountains --------> 2%
Unreachable Rivers -----> 2%
Mushrooms Heaven -------> 2%
Dante ------------------> 1.75%
Acid Lands -------------> 1.75%
Provence ---------------> 1.5%
The Springs ------------> 1.25%
Secret Garden ----------> 1%
The Pump ---------------> 1%
Tetris -----------------> 1%
The Spiral -------------> 0.5%
Kinetic Sculpture ------> 0.25%

Insects are visible only in the animated outputs.

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