NFT Divination


NFT Divination

24/24 minted

Project #22504

Published on December 15, 2022 at 07:09

🎄🎄🎄Happy new year!🎄🎄🎄
In all cultures, there is some form of divination. Perhaps because of the fear of future events, this issue always has its fans. Although modern man recognizes these superstitions well and does not attach much importance to them, it cannot be denied that this story is entertaining.
Perhaps we generative artists are the most similar to the old fortune tellers! We mix the materials together and create a new work randomly.
That's why I thought to myself in my new year's project to use the magical stories of old fortune tellers and mix them with the most modern generator machine in the world! The result is that the blockchain will divination for you...
It is obvious that none of the results have a scientific basis and studies, and this game is designed for entertainment only.
➡You can get NFT Divination for the new year.
➡You can giveaway NFT Divination to your friends for the new year.
In this project, there are 20 different features with 240 different layers. Everything is formed at the moment of minting and completely by accident.
This project does not aim to generate income, we are going to have fun and celebrate at the beginning of the New Year.
So, the royalty of NFTs will be 100% assigned to the token minter.
Only the primary income for ideation, copywriting, implementation and production will be awarded to the project creator.
❌All not minted tokens will be burned on January 4, 2023.❌

NFT Divination
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