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Published on July 21, 2022 at 14:35

Sometimes, life's troubles seem to be immense and endless. They make us run around in despair, helplessly looking in every direction in search of an answer.

It's tough to be in control of those situations until we understand that everything in our life is momentary, the good times are momentary and of course the bad ones.

We tend to forget that life finds its way and that we just need to hold enough to start to see a clear path to follow.

Life is momentary, the good times are momentary and of course the bad ones.

Hold enough.

There is a path to follow.

Please, have into consideration that this work requires some CPU power due to the number of points that needs to be drawn on the canvas. Depending on the hardware and work features, the drawing could take some seconds to some minutes to be finished.

/- Features

/- Color Scheme
-. Vintage graphite
-. Ashes
-. Serenity
-. Blossom
-. Dark chocolate
-. Blue pen

/- Sky Texture
-. Pencil strokes left
-. Pencil strokes right
-. Pointed lines diagonal
-. Pointed lines vertical
-. Crosshatch
-. Clean

/- Celestial Object
-. Fire burst type A
-. Fire burst type B
-. Eclipse
-. Flare
-. Void

/- Terrain QTY.
-. 1 to 5

/- Terrain Type
-. Blasted sand
-. Peaceful sand
-. Rocky ridges

/- Terrain accent
-. True
-. False

/- Dripping ridges
-. True
-. False

/- Frame
-. True
-. False


/- Controls

[p] Save image @ 2000x2300 px.
[Backspace] Pause the animation.
[Enter] Play the animation.


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