Laxraven & R1B2

Mining Structures

Laxraven & R1B2

Mining Structures

9.5 TEZ

130/130 minted

Project #7943

Published on

Collaboration between @Lax_raven and @r1b2art.

The project is based on a series of analog ink illustrations by @Lax_raven.

The complex structures are a result of an ancient mining technique: structures are built around boulders containing valuable minerals. As the tower gets taller, the rock is slowly lifted away from the ground. The process is dangerous, slow and outdated but is still used to show off your mining skills. The team that lifts the heaviest rock and builds the most beautiful structure will gain fame and glory! Many will fail.

In the end the giant rocks are let loose to let gravity do its work.

Sometimes, local sculptors carved geometric shapes on the rocks before they get lifted up, turning the whole structure into an ephemeral art piece.

Price9.5 TEZ(1)Royalties15.0%(1)Tags
#ink #illustration #collab #rock





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