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Image composition

metaBohèmes are relicts of an ancient nerd and trash culture.
Each metaBohème represents a unique combination of attributes.
metaBohèmes are mysterious, meaningless? meaningful? Time will decide.
metaBohèmes are palimpests, symbols for a meta-text to be discovered.


Each item of the project is generated based on 13 groups of (~ round about 200) visual layers.
The outcome is an image composition, not a pure code based generative artwork.

Every metaBohème comes along with various (in-/visible) traits / features, which all are created by Teriell. Most visual assets are drawn by hand, the backgrounds are created in different techniques (GAN or digital paint etc.) and generated sprites (well known from other project) are used to represent spiritual groups of the metaBohèmes. You will recognize a categorization into teams as well, represented through colors. But there is much more in it ...

Rarity levels are injected to prepare the project for various dynamics, e.g. future game mechanics. But for the author each metaBohème is equally relevant. Rarity is not a measure of quality. So metaBohèmes can be interpreted as rare, good, bad, or trash, interesting or boring - based of various cognitive filters and semantic setups.

The project was finally prepared with the help of a repository by @PureSpider - kudos! :)


The metaBohème project is a mashup of different influences, ideas, techniques and represents the joy in creative exploration. The author would not call the metaBohèmes artworks, but the project is the output of a creative process. The concept of the metaBohèmes is designed to be open for any speculative interpretation.

With the series 0 the evolution of the metaBohèmes has just begun.

If you are one of the collectors, please give your metaBohème a name he deserves and share it with the universe!

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Image composition
mixed techniques





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