Liminal Newberry

Liminal Newberry

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Image composition

This generative art token was created as a collaboration between anaver.se creator anaglyphic and the NFT Museum of Newberry, SC. The NFT museum had been exploring virtual possibilities since our founding in October, 2021. We discovered the #fxhash community in December, 2021 and shortly afterward encountered the incredibly innovative generative art project known as the anaver.se. The anaver.se platform is built to not only display generative art but to BE generative art itself.

We believe the anaver.se to be an historically significant development in the generative art space. A first-of-its-kind generative virtual ecosystem that is community focused at its core. The open and accessible nature of the project presents unique opportunities and use-cases for artists, collectors and visitors alike. We want to be a part of it and anaglyphic has helped make that possible through this collaboration.

Artist Statement

This token is a dual use token. Its preview appearance is an image composition formed of sections of AI-generated images curated and enhanced by the artist based on a trained model supplied by MidJourney labs. The actual token is an anaver.se native token which models a procedurally generated 3D representation of the NFT Museum in Newberry, South Carolina. Users can load this token in the anaver.se and populate it with their own collection, therefore creating their own version of the museum.

About the NFT Museum of Newberry, SC:

Established in October of 2021, the mission of the Non-Fungible Token Museum is to provide a physical and virtual space for NFT art education, collaboration and exhibition in an effort to help our communities benefit from emerging blockchain technologies. Learn more at www.NonFungibleTokenMuseum.org

About the anaver.se and this token

This generative token is anaver.se-ready. You can explore it on https://anaver.se directly after the token is signed. The gallery mode is activated on this token: you can use it to display your fxhash tokens, as well as any token in your wallet.

/!\ Please read this part carefully

/!\ This token does NOT make any network requests. If you see a token looking like anaglyphic tokens sending network requests, check the wallet of the issuer and report it if it isn't from the current verified account.

/!\ Anaglyphic generative tokens that are not linked to the verified anaglyphic wallet will not be loadable in the anaverse. Always check the identity of the issuer.

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