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Published on March 20, 2023 at 00:34

This token was created for THE PASSAGE: Pitch Drop experience, an interactive minting experience where your choices determine the design of your token.

To take part, please purchase an Edition 5 Coin on fx(hash) by HERE & NOW. The artwork and experience draw inspiration from the 'The Pitch Drop Experiment': the world's longest-running laboratory experiment. Since 1927, only nine drops of pitch have fallen, and it has never been witnessed live.

Pitch is a group of materials that appear solid but are actually highly viscous liquids.
They shatter when struck, but also flow at an extremely slow rate.

These seemingly opposite properties raise questions about our perception of reality, as we experience space and movement on a determined timescale.

Influunt is a visual exploration of what could happen if space were to behave as pitch, flowing, bending, and shattering as we manipulate timescales and apply external forces by bending the rays of light.

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March 2023

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Here & Now
The Passage: Pitch Drop experience