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Pottery stands as one of humanity's earliest and most enduring inventions, a testament to our innate desire to craft and create. This project explores the timeless art of pottery through the lens of interactive generative art. In this artwork powered by fxhash, virtual ceramics, shaped by diverse artistic hands, come to life and are shared with the world.

This interactive pottery sim was written from scratch using vanilla JS and webgl shaders. A range of parameters are included to control the final scene and image via the fx params interface.

This artwork is part of the fxhackathon 2023 where artists were challenged to create projects using the interactive fx(params) system.

Standalone Controls

Use mouse or touch to control view
1 - Toggle Edit Mode
2 - Toggle WASD Free Cam
3 - Toggle Frame
4 - Save HD Image


Code and Outputs are Copyright 2023 Frank Force
Hash without Sine - MIT License - Copyright (c)2014 David Hoskins
Thank you to Inigo Quilez for 3D rendering articles and demos
Minting InstructionsClick and drag with the left mouse button to shape clay.
Click along the bottom of the screen to control rotation.
Use mouse wheel or Up/Down to control camera tilt.
The tilt of the camera is also used for the final render.
Edit from side view for best control accuracy.
There are many params that control rendering effects.
Some params are random seeds tied to multiple internal settings.
The “Vase Warp” and “Symmetry” settings can make sculpting difficult.
Use Chrome browser for best results.

Price10 TEZMinting opensTicket Grace Period7 days(1)Royalties15.0%(1)Tags
fxhackathon2023 pottery vase webgl 3d raymarching


Mentions (1)

Artist disabled the exploration of params after minting phase
Artist disabled the exploration of variations after minting phase



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