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The slow moving shapes of ‘Everything’ explore how intricate compositions of space yield to the simple and fluid passage of time. Our human desire, and subsequent failure, to control the infinite expanse of time is our paradoxical reminder that we’re never actually Done - a delightful reality for those willing to focus on observing the unfolding present. This perpetual motion of time can also help us witness the underlying sameness of all things – that absence is form, artificial is reality, chemical is organic, and that the wildly natural is precisely mathematical. Where each piece is part of another piece, everything is everything.

Even something as singular and technical as a pixel, is actually just the assembly of organic matter by humans into something that’s made to reflect the reality we want to see and share. Is the glowing movement of our screens actually so foreign to the analog mechanics of yesteryear and the hand-made crafts of our ancestors – or is it simply another mode of transcending the energies that come to us in an infinite faucet, flowing with beautiful intuitions and knowings for us to create with?

So let’s flow between colors and dimensional layers, vibes and astral planes, and the idiosyncrasies of endlessly undulating shapes that feel chemical and technical – microscopic, of the earth, and of the cosmos – an amalgam of matter evolving throughout unfolding time and the overlapping infinite.


Intended to be viewed as an animated piece, please tap the play button if you are seeing a cached static image.

Commands in live mode:

P : Play/Pause
S : Save PNG (3000x3600)
F : Enter Fullscreen
Spacebar : Scene Change

URL Parameters:

By default, fullscreen mode will render with a pixel density of 3. This requires a pretty modern gpu for smooth animation. If you are having problems you can lower the density by adding this to the url (without the quotes): “&fullscreen=2”

When not in fullscreen mode, you can also specify a width for the image, in case you want to print something at a higher resolution. Because this is using shaders, the current maximum is around 5000 px, even though you can specify higher numbers. If browsers/GPUs support higher resolutions in the future, then this may change. To set the width, append this to the url: “&width=5000”

Note: To view fullscreen on FireFox, please use the url param and not the “F” command for best results.

Price45 TEZMinting opens(3)Royalties15.0%(3)Tags/

Artist disabled the exploration of variations after minting phase



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