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EDNŌ represents a significant milestone in Iskra's ongoing exploration of minimal expression within her narratives. As a devoted admirer of color, Iskra's foray into 2023 marks a pivotal juncture in her creative journey, one aimed at establishing a robust framework and foundation for her artistic endeavors. While color serves as the conduit for emotion and expression, the frame and body of her work provide the essential principles and statements. Discovering certainty within these foundational elements is a pivotal step in her quest to gain a deeper understanding of the origins of emotion when color bursts onto the scene.

Iskra now unveils her latest creation. EDNŌ alludes phonetically to the manner in which "1" is pronounced in Bulgarian. Following her earlier exploration, "ESCAPE," encapsulated as exploration number 0, Iskra initiates a culturally nuanced taxonomy that will serve as an overarching framework for future works.

Despite the absence of overt emotions, "EDNŌ" is not devoid of narrative depth. It draws strong inspiration from one of cinema's most impactful moments – the ending scene of "Zabriskie Point”, a 1970 film directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, known for its surreal and symbolic elements. It explores themes such as youth rebellion, the alienation of modern society, and the search for personal freedom and meaning.

View the scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUVM1Pq2VWY&t=130s

The film's climax features a spectacular explosion of a suburban home, which can be seen as a symbol of the rejection of the establishment and a call for radical change. 
The structural composition of this work lies on its simplicity, much akin to the cryptic nature of the cinematic finale it alludes to. Its interpretation, however, unfolds as an open canvas for each observer, fostering a subjective engagement.

Iskra employs a methodical arrangement of elements, deploying the interplay between stark blacks and whites to serve as an illuminating agent, accentuating the nuances of individual pixels. This digital chiaroscuro is presented a part of the canvas or sometimes confined inside a container. In both representations the interaction of the user initiates the explosion.

It is, dear viewer, a contemplative question that remains - once the detonation transpires, would you prefer to find yourself contained within the box or liberated beyond its confines? The answer, an open canvas for interpretation, is yours to discern.

While the whole system alludes exclusively to its monochromatic approach, a few outputs dissipate into wisps of smoke.

That decision opened the door for a few emotions to hack it. The chill of detachment, represented with blue and green tones, and the warmth of affection, represented by red and pink ones.




Each piece is created to be seen as a static composition. To animate it just press anywhere on the screen or use the spacebar, depending on your device.

Static view – To save the image:
You can save the image by pressing “s”: either as the initial static image or at any moment using the animation. I really encourage you to find the best composition during the animation. All of these frames are yours, so just choose the ones you prefer. One piece basically becomes a set. You will find the number of the frame in the filename if you download it. I would kindly ask you to mention the edition number, as well as the frame number, in case you share or exhibit it.

You can increase the resolution by pressing a number from 1 to 9: this will set the pixel density to that number, if your graphics card can handle that.

To save a gif:

- “g” for the gif by default (a part of the whole animation)
- “x” to export it at a reasonable size for Twitter (for X now) (a shorter part of the whole animation span)
- “b” for a 1024px wide gif (full animation)
- “m” for a 500px wide gif (full animation)

You can set the piece to display a given frame of the animation via the URL: add this to the end of the URL: &frame=frameNumber

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black and white


Artist disabled the exploration of variations after minting phase



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