Crypto Mermaids

Crypto Mermaid

Crypto Mermaids

Crypto Mermaid

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Created by Gretchen Andrew
250 unique PFP NFTs that Support Crypto Education for those who feel isolated from Web3

What are Crypto Mermaid PFPs?
When you purchase a Crypto Mermaid you fund crypto, NFT, and Web3 educational programs.

Since becoming disillusioned with the culture of silicon valley, artist Gretchen Andrew has been using her increasingly visible art practice to increase popular understanding of new and important technologies. In 2021 she formalized her internet activism and efforts in internet literacy into "By The Pool". By The Pool is an open community demystifying male-dominated knowledge topics in a fun, female, and approachable way.

The Crypto Mermaids fund crypto education in 3 primary ways:
- Supports the Beach Club Book Club: Monthly gatherings encouraging crypto education hosted by Monique Leong at pools all around the world with a home page at Barbican Beach Club.
- Writing and promotion for the Crypto By the Pool book publication
- Production of Video & Multi-Media Content: We bring new people into Web 3 by meeting them where they are with a focus on social media.

NFT PFP Crypto Mermaids give the existing Web3 community the chance to support the growth of the Web3 community through funding the By The Pool outreach efforts.

Why Crypto Mermaids Matter:
An Accenture study found that 50% of women abandon tech careers by the age of 35.
In 2021, only 5% of crypto entrepreneurs were women. This imbalance needs readjustment.

Gretchen Andrew left the world of Big Tech to become an artist where she believed more people are celebrated and rewarded for being themselves. It is a heartbreaking journey to leave a place you love but don't feel you belong. Changing technology and the demographics of those who benefit from it have always been part of Gretchen's mission as an artist.

Crypto mermaids is a female-led NFT collectible project that supports empowerment by funding tech education.

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