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"I'm here? then why aren't I happy?"

We've made it and we're welcomed into the modern mental complex. Anxiety. Desire. Want. "It" was supposed to be here. Where is it? Do I just accept this? Do I get angry? Do I get depressed? Do I blame all my problems on the other? Or do I continue the search? Sometimes the search knocks down your door. Sometimes you must seek it. Will I settle?

Complex abstractly explores the intricacies of mental patterns. Thoughts can circle, pop up randomly, or even spiral. Each thought reflects the others.

Some mind states see thoughts moving at incessant speeds, while some mind states are calmer and at peace.

Have you watched your thoughts? See if you can relate your experience to the visuals you see.

Complex was created using jiwa's own pixel manipulation technique called "pixel easing".

‍Complex is the third collection in the Petls narrative.

Learn more at https://ntent.art/articles/petls


Curate your Complex

The viewer can tailor many aspects of their complex. You can add a frame, speed up or slow down the running speed, or even open a window to insight.

Complex can be curated both by using the keyboard or loading with url options for a gallery setting.

Cage your Complex by pressing "c" or set "cage" value to 1

Ex. <URL TO COMPLEX>?hash=<hash>&cage=1

Change your Complex's mental speed with the up / down arrow keys, or set "mindstatespeed" or "mss". Use the arrow keys then check your set speed in the console log.

Ex. <URL TO COMPLEX>?hash=<hash>&mindstatespeed=0.01

Capture a screenshot by pressing the "s" or snag at a specific time by setting exportat= in milliseconds

Ex. Takes a screenshot at exactly 3 second mark

<URL TO COMPLEX>?hash=<hash>&exportAt=3000

Open a window into the mind that provides a moment of present thoughts. No past, no future.

Press w for your window, or set "w" value to 1

Ex. <URL TO COMPLEX>?hash=afi4nr78aw844i7f4fh&w=1

display exploration

Each Complex's base size is now more homogenous than its predecessor’s in that each has the same base height and width, and scales to fill its environment while keeping its aspect ratio.

Note: Due to a color layering technique used, color of some works may appear different across devices. This was a conscious decision made by the artist to preserve the richness of color available to each piece.


Complex was created with p5.js by artist and coder, jiwa. jiwa is a member of ntent collective, based in Berlin. https://ntent.art/jiwa

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