Cognitive Maps


Cognitive Maps

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Cognitive Maps is part of the fxhash live minting experience at Proof of People, ZeroSpace NYC, 2023.

------ Click to start the sound! ------

There are multiple ways to experience Cognitive Maps:

1. Preview images are representative images of the animated piece, and they can be considered as standalone static artworks.

2. The animated piece has a default 3/4 ratio, but you can change the ratio by adjusting the window size while in live mode. Pressing "F" will fit the canvas to the current window size.

3. For the full experience, open the iteration in live mode, make your browser tab full-screen, and then press "F". We highly recommend using headphones in this mode.

This artwork is designed to be viewed as an animated piece, but please be aware that it requires a powerful GPU for optimal real-time playback. It's important to note that the artwork may not run smoothly on mobile devices, particularly those that are not high-end.

It’s designed to be viewed in Chromium-based browsers and Firefox.


- Click to start the sound.
- If the sound is on, click to mute.
- If the sound is mute click to unmute.
- Press F to fit the canvas to the current window size.
- Press S to save the current frame as .png (2000 x 2666 px).


How do emotions and external factors shape our recollection of events? Do we always remember things exactly as they happened?

Cognitive Maps expresses the intricate ways in which our memories operate.

The collection emphasizes the dynamic and ever-changing nature of our cognitive maps as they continue to evolve over time. These mental maps of our experiences and surroundings can vary and adjust according to different situations, shaping our perception and retention of information.

The combination of audio and visual elements creates a serene, meditative atmosphere that immerses you in the experience. We encourage you to be fully present in the moment as you’re experiencing the collection.

The collection invites you to embark on a journey through the ever-changing landscape of our minds. Discover the intricate relationship between our memories and our surroundings and join us in exploring the complexities of the human experience.

Be with love in the state of constant flux.

Made with p5js and GLSL shaders.

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