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"Capriccio, Be Free Like the Butterflies"


Capriccio is a musical term, which means lively and free. The centrepiece of it all is a spiral keyboard, which is where all the music begins and capturing the essence of Capriccio, beautiful butterflies flutter freely.

Following our genesis generative art project Cantabile (in a singing style) which features the fleeting beauty of Sakura captured in eternal code, we wanted to continue to share our love for music and art. Inspired by AlphaCentauriKid's beautiful pianos, we wanted to have a "piano" in code too, so we created Capriccio.

We love the idea of fxparams, whereby we engage our minters to participate in the process of art making. They will be able to create the centrepiece of their choice, in terms of colors and the number of spirals that affect the entire look and feel of the keyboard.

Down to the detail of the number and color of butterflies, the minters will make their choices, whether they are minimalistic or wildly artistic, there is immense freedom to create their dream Capriccio.

- P5JS library: p5.min.js
- Codes for background texture are adapted and modified from Steve's Makerspace
Minting Instructions**Technical Details**
User Defined Parameters
- Aspect Ratio: Canvas width-to-height ratio
- Canvas/Piano Colors: Choice of predefined color schemes for canvas background and the piano keyboard
- Canvas Pattern: Canvas texture (Yes-textured, No-plain)
- Spiral Param [-2.0,-1.0]: Parameter that determines the shape of the spiral
- Number of Piano Spirals (0-5): Number of spirals for the piano keyboard
- Piano Width (0.5-0.9): The width the piano keyboard
- Butterfly Size: Select butterfly size (before butterfly placement)
- Butterfly Color Scheme: Select a predefined color palette (before butterfly placement)
- Clear Butterflies: Click to delete all the butterflies on the canvas

User Guide
- Recommendation: Click "auto-apply on settings update" so that your param changes are reflected in real-time
- Step 1: Choose the Canvas Aspect Ratio, Canvas/Piano Colors, and whether to have the Canvas Pattern.
- Step 2: Choose the Spiral Param to determine the shape of the desired background spiral
- Step 3: Choose the Number of Piano Spirals (select 0 if you don't want a piano in your artwork)
- Step 4: Choose your butterfly color template
- Step 5: Choose your butterfly size and click on the canvas to place it at that location
- Step 6: Repeat Step 5 until you are done (max 20 butterflies). Click "Clear Butterflies" if you want to clear the butterflies.
- Step 7: Switch to "Capture/Standalone" mode to check your final artwork
- Step 8: Now, you are ready to mint your masterpiece!

- You can only place butterflies during "minting" mode. Use "Minting" mode when exploring the parameters and place your butterflies. Check your final artwork by using "Capture" or "Standalone" mode before minting.
- After minting, you can click on the artwork to save a 5-second gif.

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