Brutal Nature

Brutal Nature

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"Brutal Nature” explores the complex relationship between human consumption, its impact on the environment and the resilience of nature.

This project features a series of images that overlay brutalist buildings with lush landscapes that appear to be reclaiming the buildings. The abandoned buildings represent the remnants of a system built on exploitation and unsustainable growth, while the vibrant landscapes offer a vision of a future in which nature has reclaimed the spaces once occupied by industry and commerce. As nature slowly reclaims the once-imposing edifices, the artworks become a metaphor for the resilience of the natural world in the face of human destruction.

The resulting images are surreal and thought-provoking, evoking both a sense of awe at the power of nature and a recognition of the destructive impact of human activity. “Brutal Nature" challenges us to reconsider our relationship with the environment and to imagine new ways of living in harmony with the natural world. The project encourages us to reflect on the choices we make as consumers, and to consider the impact of our actions on the planet and future generations.

This project uses a combination of WebGL effects and image compositing to create completely unique outputs. In total there are 25 high resolution images used with over 10 different types of effects possible. Random elements are also introduced to further individualize each iteration. High definition 8K images can be saved by adding "?hd=1" to the url.

Collaborative project by @KilledByAPixel and @DehiscenceArt.

This token is part of the SESSIONS SERIES co-curated by the NFT Museum of Newberry, SC and Fort Gallery NFT.

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Artist disabled the exploration of variations after minting phase