All That Could Be

All That Could Be


182/200 minted
18 reserved

Project #26055

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This token was created for THE PASSAGE: Pitch Drop experience, an interactive minting experience where your choices determine the artist and design of your token.

To take part, please purchase an Edition 5 Coin on fx(hash) by HERE & NOW.

The artwork and experience draw inspiration from the 'The Pitch Drop Experiment': the world's longest-running laboratory experiment. Since 1927, only nine drops of pitch have fallen, and it has never been witnessed live.

All That Could Be is about the inner life of pitch drops waiting for their inevitable fall.

After first learning of the pitch drop experiment and understanding what this odd hyper-viscous liquid was… all I could think about was: How does the pitch feel about all of this? What does it dream of? How does it deal with this intense pressure to snap, drip and perform?

All That Could Be acts as a metaphysical microscope into the emotional state of the pitch. The anticipated explosion of energy and pain when it loses its battle with gravity… as well as daydreams imagined to brighten its dark, slow existence with vibrant, static-y layers… or fantasies of being anywhere else besides trapped in a funnel under a locked encasement for the entertainment/curiosity of others who just hope to see you snap into two.

For more info:

Procure a coin to participate in the event:


Some key commands in live mode:

G : Toggle grain
A : Toggle aura
S : Save current resolution
1 : 3000x3750
2 : 4500x5625
3 : 6000x7500
4 : 7500x9375
5 : 9000x11250
6 : 10500x13125
(1-6 work best on Chrome/Edge)
(rendering takes longer as resolution increases)

Price0 TEZTicket Grace Period7 days(2)Royalties15.0%(1)Tags
Here & Now
The Passage: Pitch Drop experience





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