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Take your entire life, full as it is with the vastness of your lived experiences – and shape it into your cupped hands. Cherish this mesmerising world of yours as you would a ripe summer fruit, and behold at a glance its delicate yet dynamic balance — one change here or there, no matter how microscopic, affects the entire course of your world.

How will you receive this world – its situations that overwhelm, its sights that awe, the catastrophes, the serenity, its steadfast commitment to the present? Will you look upon all of us here, adrift and fragile together, with love?

Adrift is a project that reminds us to make peace with our world – with all worlds – by stepping back to make space for an all-encompassing perspective.


Created by Jacek Markusiewicz @jMarkusiewicz
Creative collaboration with Tender @tender_art

Click on the image for resolution options and to save a .png file. Saving higher resolutions may not work in some browsers; in these cases, right-click-save the image. All drawing and geometric methods are written by mrkswcz using javascript, except for the following:

The pseudorandom terrain generation uses Hydraulic-Erosion by Sebastian Lague, inspired by "Reconnaissance" by TENDER x Nat Sarkissian (MIT License).

For finding paths that simulate connections in terrain and potential locations of cities, a C# script was adapted from the article "Pathfinding Algorithms in C#" by Kristian Ekman published in Code Project licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL). The code was translated to javascript and simplified for performance.

Many pseudorandom effects are achieved with perlin-simplex by David Guttman and seedrandom by David Bau (both MIT Licenses)

For more information, please see the bundle.js.LICENSE.txt file included in the package.

The "heat death" event is a small tribute to lunarean's fxhash project. The code that generates the disintegration effect interprets a fragment of lunarean's code. Further contributions are its adaptation for 3d transformations and its recursive character that modifies certain parameters over time.

The project uses CPU for calculations and rendering – generating the image requires up to 500MB of free RAM. Testing was performed across browsers and devices, but please make sure it works on your device before minting. Note that there are minor colour-intensity differences between different browsers.

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Artist disabled the exploration of variations after minting phase



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