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Meta Mystery


The Meta Mystery spans a half dozen interactive story-telling tools by Canadian New Media Awards Winning Inventor Dan Zen, also known as Dr Abstract, Founder of the ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework to easily code interactive NFTs https://zimjs.com/nft.

This fascinating collectible NFT includes a story about the story. The Nano Anti-gravity mystery can be found at http://danzen.com/meta and may represent humanities deepest dive into smaller civilizations. A 5 minute video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vgip0JBayxg includes the origin of the nano-bots - perhaps the story will be fuel a Hollywood hit!

The characters are a wild bunch as you will see from the NFT! Earlier characters have higher numbers starting with 22 for Professor Y. The later characters are more rare with 1 being the rarest. The main card in the NFT counts as double and the other two cards count as one each. Occasional collectors will receive VIP or VIP+ which propels odds to the rarest half and rarest quarter respectively.

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