Maximal Margin

Prelude to a Civilization

Maximal Margin

Prelude to a Civilization

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Project #4574

Published on December 23, 2021 at 07:09

This collection is inspired by Victor Brauner’s 1954 painting, Prelude to a Civilization. I saw it at the Met’s Surrealism Beyond Borders exhibition this summer. I also adore the child- and dream-like quality of the work of Paul Klee.

What’s a better way to combine all these elements with a Klee-inspired palette, Brauner-inspired layout, and Google’s Quick, Draw! doodle dataset?

I never got a chance as a kid to play and doodle. I studied math and spent way too much time on the computer. But maybe this is all coming in full circle? Maybe, we are creating some new civilization in the generative art space?

I hope this brings you a smile and nostalgia for that little kid. Naive maybe, but wide-eyed and full of wonder and hope.

(This is a relatively rare hat tip to SMOLSKULL.)



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