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Ode to Random


This simple minimalist generative token is a tribute to randomness. The underlying grid, the start and end of the colored shapes, the color styles, the transitioning point from order to chaos, are randomized. The names behind the Styles of this token are derived from artists who have greatly inspired me, all or most of whom have incorporated randomness or chaos in their art in one way or another.

The price and number of editions were also chosen using a pseudorandom number generator.

Embrace the random!

Made in p5js
Created December 2021
Artist: @Yazid

146/146 minted

This token doesn't have variation settings, therefore exploration of variations is disabled
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Minted the: 15/12/2021 at 12:44Price: 9.65 tezRoyalties: 15.0%Original supply: 146Supply burnt: 0Tags: yazid, generativeart, p5jsMetadata: ipfs://QmT8tTKagDVN5Hd5zjnH4i8b6pSaV55aJkfqSaHNFUM3kC

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