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Kenny Vaden


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The title Headwinds refer to a strong wind that resists forward motion.

This clean, Nordic-like composition features a flattened perspective of winding staircase-like structures that were inspired by the trigonometric sculptural works of artist Anna Kruhelska and minimalist generative art by Ippsketch.

The algorithm here establishes perspective through occlusion cues created by ordering the step panels within each column from the top to the center line, then from the bottom to the center line.

Simple rules consistently direct shadows left or right, and small variations were made in the number of columns and height, which sometimes extend beyond the margin line. Interesting variations across iterations also result from differences in the wavelengths running from one column to the next. In some cases, the waves divide evenly by the number of steps and create highly regular patterns that span across columns. In other instances, the waves form diagonal patterns or even appear as a single wave across all of the columns.

Colors were selected based on step number, with jitter, from slightly modified versions of 15 color gradients. This creates a curious effect where each individual column seems to include a single unique color, although there is a color gradient that unfolds continuously across several columns.

This system was originally composed in R code, then translated to p5.js for fxhash.

Verified NFT collectors can contact KV to purchase a fine art print for their unique token at vadenart.com

About the artist: Kenny Vaden is a generative artist based in Charleston, SC. His art experience includes drawing, painting, stained glass apprenticeships, and nature photography. Vaden’s code-based artworks are available online as limited edition or single edition fine art prints, as well as NFTs on Quantum.art, Flamingo DAO Flutter, OpenSea, Objkt, and Foundation. More information about the artist and artwork is available on vadenart.com

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