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Published on May 29, 2023 at 09:24
Epileptic trigger

BANG.PD is intended as a proof of concept for WebPd. The intention is also to funding part of its development: 80% of the royalties from the primary market and 40% from the secondary go directly to the project of Sébastien Piquemal (@sebpiq).

What is WebPd?
WebPd is a compiler for the Pure Data audio programming language allowing to run .pd patches in web pages.

WebPd is highly modular and takes a white-box approach to audio programming. It converts the audio graph and processing objects from a patch into plain human-readable JavaScript or AssemblyScript. The pure audio generated code can then be integrated directly in any web application without using WebPd or Pure Data ever again.

+info: https://github.com/sebpiq/WebPd


bang.pd is a simple monophonic synthesizer built with puredata. with WebPD the patch was compiled to webassembly (wasm). The patch is then controlled from javascript (p5js).

PureData Patch->compile->patch.wasm

javascript->control messages->patch.wasm->audio output.

All synthesizer parameters are controlled randomly with fx.rand(). Once started, each synthesizer will have a unique and infinite sequence, where the different parameters will vary.

Do not expect a pleasant melody, on the contrary, in most of the outputs, we will have noise and glitches, both audio and visual.


-"synth_type":type of modulation: FM, Phaser or AM.
-"carrRange": Frequency range of Carrier (lfo, low , mid, high or all)
-"modRange": Frequency range of Modulator (lfo, low , mid, high or all)
-"carrierWave": Carrier Wave Shape (sine, sawtooth,square or noise),
-"modulatorWave": Modulator Wave Shape (sine, sawtooth,square or noise),
-"filterType": filter type: no-filter, LOP, HP or BP.
-"sequencerType": none, envelope(infinite sequence), step sequencer or random sequencer.
-"dark": darkMode true or false.


click 'bang'->start/pause the sequencer.
'S'->Save image of canvas.
'M'->Show/hide bar menu.
'F'->Show/hide features.
'P'->Show/hide plots.
'D'->Download original Pure Data patch (0bang.pd)


-All audio stuff is done with WebPd except analyser and output compressor.
-All visual is done with p5js.
-Chrome browser recommended
-Supply can be halved if half supply has not been minted after some time.
-Headphones recomended. Some extreme sounds (frequency and amplitude) can be generated.

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