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Ecstatic Geometry

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Ecstatic Geometry

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An exploration of the harmony between man and machine, poetry and technology, color and space.

Technical details and parameters
The geometric layout is constructed in two steps. A semi-regular grid of points is derived from the seed and passed to the Voronoi algorithm to make the geometric layout. This can be affected by the Complexity parameter, which may add points on the vertices of regular polygons to the grid.
Then the Voronoi polygons are rendered. A position on the color wheel is taken from the seed. The final color of a polygon is determined by this seed, plus the effects of radial symmetry, which are controlled with the Color Rotation and Color Multiplier params. The hue param alters the range of the colour wheel from muted, autumnal tones, to bright, psychedelic colors. Additionally, the Color Vertical parameter which is also derived from the seed may flip the color wheel in the y-direction for more variation.

Other params:
Orientation: toggle the aspect ratio between 1:1 and 1:2
Border: Set the width of the black border

Key commands
n: toggle noise on/off
p: save png at high resolution
s: save jpeg at current resolution
1: save jpeg at 1200x1200
2: save jpeg at 2400x2400
3: save jpeg at 3600x3600
4: save jpeg at 4800x4800
5: save jpeg at 6000x6000

Made with p5js, d3.voronoi and p5.grain libraries
Copyright 2023 The Electric Word

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