The Beauty In Small Things


The Beauty In Small Things


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"The Beauty In Small Things" marks a new page in my collection of rules-based emergent systems. Like my previous projects,it is based on millions of transparent lines interacting in unpredictable ways. This time, the following rules are applied:
- Place N circles in the canvas and pick a random point on each circle.
- Assign a color from the current palette to each point
- At each step, rotate the point along its circle, and draw a segment between the 2 closest points in the set.

Finding the closest points in a set is another classic computer science problem. This implementation uses the sweep line algorithm to avoid the O(n^2) complexity of the naive method. Rendering still requires a good GPU (with the density at its maximum, it draws 5.7 million lines)

Playing with the token parameters will reward collectors with very diverse and unexpected outputs.

For this token I have added 2 important parameters:
- Hash Override: when set to a valid hash value, this forces using this value for the token generation. This allows collectors to mint the exact same output as the one they see while adjusting the parameters.
- Micro Variation: one downside of using Hash Override is that the same output can be generated multiple time, by using the same hash. The Micro Variation parameters counterbalances that, by adding a variable amount of randomness taken from the original mint hash. This ensures the output
will be very similar to the one currently displayed, but not exactly identical.
*** WARNING *** If Micro-Variation is set to 0, the output is 100% deterministic and other collectors will be able to generate the exact same output by copying the Hash Override value.

Like "The Traveling Salesman", "The Beauty In Small Things" is an open edition that starts with 10.000 editions priced at 1tz. After 1 week, the supply will be halved and the price increased by 1tz every day.

75% of the royalties will go to the minters, to reward their creative use of the parameters.

In Live view, you can use ?s=2 or ?s=3 to render at a higher resolution.
?noise=0 will turn off the background noise texture.

Price7 TEZTicket Grace Period7 days(1)Royalties20.0%(2)Tags





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