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  • Purchase tapestry 1000
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  • Europe / USA 100
  • Worldwide 150


Klangteppich Tapestry

Every iteration of this project can be redeemed 10 times
Base redemption cost is 0

Klangteppich tapestries are generated fully from code, and hand-woven by the artist on a digital TC-2 loom in Norway. Redeeming this token allows you to get a frame of your digital Klangteppich woven. The output will be selected in collaboration between artist and collector.

  • Soft, textured tapestries prepared for wall hanging
  • 100% wool, ca. 66 × 106 cm / 26 × 42’’
  • Hand-woven by the artist on a TC-2 loom

The process of making a Klangteppich tapestry is manual and will thus take time. It won’t be an exact reproduction of the screen-based piece, rather an interpretation of it. Colours and patterns might differ from what you see on screen.

The iterations of this project can be redeemed to activate an event. Redeeming a token will not destroy it, and owners will keep the ownership of their token.

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