Fields of the Abandoned Homeland


Fields of the Abandoned Homeland

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This project was started in December 2021. At that time, I didn't know what the result would be. It was only an idea to create something memorable, you know, like a photo that people keep in their wallets, or a picture on someone's office desk, something that evokes warm and nostalgic emotions. I didn't have a specific plan, so I just focused on testing different mechanics that might be useful in my future drop. And then, in February 2022, the war came to my home. For two weeks, my family and I hid from bombs and rockets in the basement of our house, and finally, we were lucky enough to escape. We have been looking for a safe place to stay for months, and with several relocations, depression set in, and it was difficult to believe what was happening. I thought that such events only happened in movies and history textbooks. The only way to distract myself was by coding. And then, during one of our relocations, I realized what should be the main idea of this project. This is what I had watched for hours during every relocation. Whether it was a bus ride or a train ride, only the background changed, but the landscape was almost the same - endless Ukrainian wheat fields. Fields, some of which were occupied, burned, or simply turned into minefields. Fields symbolized by the yellow color on the flag of Ukraine. These are the fields I want to see again but in reverse order, on my way home.

I dedicate this drop to everyone who, for whatever reason, had to leave their home against their will.

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