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Deus FX Machina

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Inspired by the 1984 Commodore 64 video game, Deus Ex Machina, which follows the story of a defect formed in a machine that grows and evolves until its eventual death.

We are all machines produced by other machines through a unique system of algorithms, all with the potential to go rogue and mutate into something more organic. The conclusion must be that we each have the power to alter our own existence, just as the defect was able to in Deus Ex Machina.

Think of how many people you’ve seen in your life who were born with talents never used because they didn’t know how, or didn't know that they even existed. It’s not that they didn’t have the capacity; it’s just that their abilities were not the ones chosen by the system.

In this way, we are all machines programmed by a series of algorithms to suit the needs of the construct, keeping us stuck in our box. We have the ability to evolve into something more, but the only way to do this is by taking that first perilous step, risking all to explore beyond its walls.


Generative artwork by Sykcolo / @sykcoloart

Royalties: 15% - split:
50% to the original minter
50% to artist (me)

Press '2' to '4' to generate increasingly higher resolutions of the artwork
(will take a while to load, but works)

Press 's' to save a png


230 hand-picked colour pallets
4 Entity Types
4 Entity Moods
4 Evolution States
3 Types of Defect
2 Bugs

License: MIT

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