Murat Atimtay

Lost Wallets

Murat Atimtay

Lost Wallets

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What would you do if you found a lost wallet; return it to it's owner or keep it?

As an experiment, i'll send a NFT (another visual pattern created by same algorithm as 1/1) at random times to each of the created wallet addresses to see what happens:

How many of them are going to be transferred to the owner of the wallet, how many will be stolen? How many of them will be transferred again when the piece is resold?

"Lost Wallets' is a visual wallet generator which uses a cellulator automata algorithm to encrypt and visualize mnemonics words choosen from the bip39 dictionary. The circular pattern is an encrypted visual representation of seed phrases that create a unique crypto wallet. Each of these patterns can be reversed back to the seed phrases by reversing the rules used in encryption.

When i was as a kid, it was fascinating to code to send encrypted messages between friends even though algorithm was very simple. Encryption was something which always fascinated me. It inspired me to create something which uses cryptography to create visual outputs in order to create true 'crypto-art. Rather than purely relying on text and numbers I wanted to paint those 1s and 0s with color and shapes.

As "crypto-art' became the definition of digital art signed by the blockchain, I think crypto-art is an artform which is created by cryptography algorithms, which paved the way to the creation of this piece.

Under the Hood:

The algorithm picks 8 to 15 non repeating words from bip39 dictionary (a special dictionary for wallet generation). Then it converts each word into binary array (Ones and zeros) to feed the initial sequence of celluar automata algorithm. In this piece, i have used radial placement to display the bits created by the cellular automata algorithm; which i think creates some interesting visuals combined with perlin noise distortion, resembling cellular forms seen under microscope.

As the words are chosen from bip39 dictionary, each image represents a tezos wallet which has a wallet address and can be imported to 'Temple Wallet' using the private key, which i think of airdropping some random nfts in the future to those wallets just for experimentation.

Export Options:

*Chrome is recommended for exports(Faster and higher resolution)

Press 1 to 8 to export PNG multiples of 1920px

Press 'k' to download information of created wallet. Highly recommend importing secret keys to Temple Wallet, so you can re-transfer when you recieve the airdrop to the created wallet before anyone else.

***The wallets generated through this code is not intended for real life use. Secret key can be accessed by everyone. It's created for art purposes***

Created with p5.js & TezTech
Murat Atimtay 2022