The City

The City

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Epileptic trigger

// The City //

Cities are the most complex human-made interventions on Earth. The human settlements are growing like huge organisms – and the growth is often impossible to plan, control or limit.
Cities as a phenomenon are with their incredible complexity highly enigmatic structures, that are as fascinating as they are terrifying.

This project is a study of the beauty of complexity.

Each city iteration is an entirely unique structure with unique hatching, arrangement of buildings, heights, sizes, additions and rare items.
The cities are made even more organic by the meticulous modelling of analog ink drawing.

The project is 100% generative. All lines, hatching and dots are generated for each iteration.

As a gesture of appreciation towards our supporters, 20% of royalties will go to the original minter.

Key commands:
Press 's' to save a png version
Press '2' to render at twice the resolution
Press 'b' to remove the colored background before saving

The loading progress is animated, hence the epileptic trigger warning.
Due to memory constraints on mobile devices, rendering uses a lower resolution on these.

Original concept by @Lax_raven
All code by @r1b2art

PriceDutch auction TEZ 99->88->77->66->55->44->33changes every 10 minutesAuction starts(2)Royalties15.0%(3)Tags
#ink #architecture #collab #drawing


Artist disabled the exploration of variations after minting phase



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